Upcoming Roasteries


About the roastery:

Holy Bean Coffee Roasters supplies coffee to gourmet restaurants, cafes, private individuals, specialty stores and businesses.

We also like to share our coffee knowledge through coffee events, where you can learn everything from roasting the coffee - to the perfectly brewed cup of coffee. "


About the roastery:

"We grow coffee, we roast coffee, we brew coffee.

We sell it as whole coffee beans because it best preserves aromas and flavor nuances. The coffee is gently roasted in our roastery in Fabrikanterne in Vejle and tested regularly. Grating profiles are stored in our system, so the quality is at a high level. "


About the roastery:

"I was captivated by the positivity of the coffee world. Life is the simplicity too short for bad coffee!
Coffee roasting is a craft. It requires precision, patience and the coffee roaster must achieve the best taste from the coffee bean. "