Denne Måneds Risteri

Denne måneds risteri er Impact Coffee Roasters, som holder til i Valby i København 



At Impact Roasters, we connect two worlds: Daniel, a native Ethiopian who grew up roasting coffee with his mother since childhood, and his wife Nidzara, a Bosnian-Dane who honed her passion for coffee while living in Ethiopia in 2011-2013. We strive to deliver the best quality coffee beans from the highlands of Ethiopia – the land from which the drink originates. Our beans are bought to Denmark directly from small-scale Ethiopian farmers using the minimum involvement of middlemen and no engagement of branch traders or agents. This way, we are 100% engaged with our coffee each step of the way. More than just being a coffee company, we work to ensure long-lasting positive effects for the communities that grow the beans, creating projects which foster social development and create jobs in southern Ethiopia.


‘Since establishing the company in 2015, we have focused on redefining the coffee industry by strengthening the human and social values connected to it,’ explains Daniel Halala, the co-founder of Impact Roasters. 

Impact Roasters is proud to be running two specialty roasteries in Copenhagen, sucessfull development projects in Ethiopia, and a broad network of satisfied customers and followers worldwide.


We hope that you will enjoy our coffee as much as we do and join us on this journey towards creating sustainable and fair goals for the future.

We are drinking Saba from Impact this month and this is the technical side of this months coffee:

Yirgachefe / Washed / Grade 2


Ethiopian Natural heirloom




Handpicked / Washed


1800-2000 meters above sea level

Q-grade scale point: 88